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my design instincts are usually SPOT ON. I don't miss the mark. I just "get it" when it comes to solving a problem visually.


Senior ​Designer / Art Director / Creative Entrepreneur 

I have a HUGE passion for logo / identity design for small businesses. Or larger businesses. (Really, anyone who appreciates it. That's what makes it worth doing what I love.) 

My experience includes working with large brands like Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, Quiznos Subs, Floyd's 99 Barbershops, Noodles & Co., Cinch Jeans and more. AND it includes working with smaller brands and individuals that you HAVEN'T heard of, but are equally (if not more) compelling examples for "why good design matters" – to me, to them and in life in general. 

I've worked in several different creative scenarios – apprencticed at a small design firm, designed at a big advertising agency, instructed secondary design classes full time, worked client-side for in-house corporate departments, and I've done it all completely solo as well. From all of these angles I've learned how to interpret a project fully – from a client's initial lightbulb to the final delivery – and my instincts are usually SPOT ON. (I don't miss the mark. For some reason I just "get" what a client is telling me and am able to pull the correct vibe/approach from the start.) And it makes the most sense to me to absorb that vision from start to finish myself – no filter preferred. For that reason, I always meet with potential clients in person if local or on the phone if out of the greater Denver area. The way I work, there's no substitute for that connection.

I'm a well-rounded entrepreneur, which can be unusually hard to find in a creative person. I'm pretty darn conceptual, and a good project manager, "account exec", production/studio designer, copywriter, editor and strategic thinker. I understand budgets and don't believe in over-charging clients where it's not necessary. But that said, I may not be your cheapest option. 

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